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Dalian Yongwang precision coating Co., Ltd., founded in May 2008, is one of the companies engaged in metal and plastic coating, aluminum die casting production and mold manufacturing. The company is located in Songlan Industrial Park 9# building, No. 3, Songlan street, Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone. It now has a plant area of more than 2000 square meters...

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    Dalian Yongwang precision coating Co., Ltd. was established

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    Engaged in metal and plastic coating, aluminum die casting production and mold manufacturing

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    It has a variety of spraying equipment and high-level talents

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    Provide customers with efficient and high-quality products

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    Provide more considerate service for customers

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  • 2024-03-25
    Dalian Metal Surface Treatment covers a wide range of industries:
    Dalian metal surface treatment is an indispensable and important link in the contemporary industrial chain, widely used in various fields such as machinery, electronics, automotive, aviation, aerospace, etc. Alloy catalytic liquids play a decorative, protective, and functional role in various industrial products after treatment, enabling them to meet various practical needs. 
  • 2024-03-25
    What are the technologies for surface treatment of metals in Dalian
    Nowadays, metal surface treatment processes generally include spraying, electroplating, wire drawing, sandblasting, anodizing, passivation, oxidation, polishing, and so on. Among them, the polishing process has a significant impact on the glossiness of metals. There are many polishing processes available now, including manual polishing, vibration polishing, magnetic polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, and so on. These polishing methods require the use of sandpaper, polishing paste, vibration grinders, polishing agents, and other products.
  • 2024-02-28
    Surface treatment is a process of changing the surface of metal materials:
    Dalian metal surface treatment is an ancient technology that has been mastered by humans since the existence of humans on Earth. The life of primitive humans was difficult, living in groups. In order to survive, they made stone tools and used grinding technology to make the stone tools have sharp edges, producing a "sharp cutting" effect. In the Neolithic era, the stone tools used by primitive people were polished throughout, with a delicate and smooth surface.
  • 2024-02-28
    What products are PC plastic particles used for
    ① Hand polishing tools. Manual polishing is mainly carried out by wrapping wooden blocks (rubber blocks) with sandpaper or wooden blocks (rubber blocks) with water sandpaper. Wooden block sanding cloth is mainly used for dry grinding of putty layer, while water sandpaper wrapped rubber block is mainly suitable for water grinding of fine putty and intermediate coating paint film. When using manual polishing tools, they are usually paired with tools such as a scraper, brush, cotton yarn, etc. If dry grinding putty, you can first use a scraper to remove the burrs on the surface of the putty layer, smooth and rough scratches, and then polish it.
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